Unlocking the World’s Wi-Fi

Wireless Internet is transforming every single part of our society. Smartphones, tablets, computers, e-books, machines, appliances - all rely on the abundant availability of wireless connectivity. Wireless Internet is helping blind people navigate the world, preventing car crashes and turning phones into wallets.

But with Cisco and Facebook predicting that Internet usage is set to double every year for the next 10 years (or 30x more in 2018 and 1000x more in 2023), who will be able to create enough wireless Internet to match our appetites?  4G and LTE networks are helping bring about much needed change, with 10x faster speeds and 10x more wireless capacity than 3G networks. But the wireless spectrum that the 4G and LTE networks rely on, is a natural resource that we are quickly running out of.

Enter Wi-Fi. It’s easy to forget that Wi-Fi is a powerful force that continues to take the world by storm. In fact - 60% of all Internet usage on mobile devices is over Wi-Fi. With 400M+ Wi-Fi hotspots already installed, a number that is expected to grow to over 800M+ during the next few years we can start to understand how widespread Wi-Fi adoption is. And Wi-Fi is already truly everywhere. Cities such as Singapore and London are blanketed in Wi-Fi. It’s in offices, homes, telephone booths and even on top of Mount Everest. There’s just no way to fit all our data hungry apps over 3G/4G alone, and the world has chosen Wi–Fi as the solution. Mobile data needs Wi-Fi to work and Wi-Fi needs mobile data to work.

But Wi-Fi has it’s own problems. It’s locked up and difficult to use and difficult to get access to.

That’s why we started Instabridge – because we believe there’s a better way to use Wi-Fi. A way that unlocks the world’s locked down Wi-Fi networks in homes, offices, cafes and restaurants and makes them accessible to consumers everywhere. But to do that we need to acknowledge the needs of the Wi–Fi owners. Mobile networks are controlled by hundreds of mobile operators while Wi–Fi is controlled by millions of hotspot owners. Therefore the tools we are building put the owners first. They allow Wi-Fi owners to share their networks in a safe and secure manner with people they trust, regardless of if that Wi-Fi is in an apartment, a house, a restaurant, or on a spaceship.

We call it Instabridge, and we believe it’ll unlock Wi-Fi connectivity once and for all. We hope you’ll join us in making it happen.